|     bop-utils     |

What is it ?

It's something useful for bop users.

Legal informations.

All the files of this distribution, unless clearly stated otherwise are
copyrighted :
Copyright (c) 2005 Patrick Davalan. All rights reserved.

Bop-utils is free software, distributed under the terms and condition of
the GNU General Public License, version 2.  For further informations,
read the file COPYING.

How to install ?

As usual :

make install

How to uninstall ?

You have to uninstall with the version you have installed before
installing a newer version. The reason is that some file names will
change in future versions.
the typical way to do it is to jump into the version distribution
directory you want to uninstall and type :
make uninstall

if you don't want to keep this distribution files after you install, an
uninstall script is created at install time in :
$(PREFIX)/sbin/bop-utils.[version].uninstall with permission 744

You can thus safely remove the distribution files, the uninstall script will
be able to uninstall. just type :
(if you installed in /usr/local (the default)).
This uninstall script is not removed by the uninstall process nor by the
uninstall script.
You might want to do it by hand, anyway it is very small.

How can I use it ?

You may use it under the terms and conditions that you'll find in the

There are 2 man pages :

How much does it cost ?

It's up to you, but I suggest more.

I suggests that you take the time to send bug reports if you find some,
suggestions are also welcomed. These are the most important things you
can do for me.


If you find one, please tell me.

The author.

Patrick Davalan.
My email address can be found here : http://patrick.davalan.free.fr/
or here : jigmepema<at>wanadoo.fr (<at> is arobase)

That's all folks.